Enhance Your Offerings With GetMoreRx

Organizations can conveniently add prescription savings products to their benefits offerings using GetMoreRx.


What is the GetMoreRx Savings Plan?

Save more today on prescription medications and worry less tomorrow.

These products were designed to stand on their own to enhance an existing offering or can be used as part of a complete benefits plan tailored to individual clients.


With GetMoreRx, members can save between 10% to 45% on most brand name drugs and 50% to 95% on most generic drugs at more than 56,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.

GetMoreRx Acute

GetMoreRx Acute provides convenient access to some of the most commonly prescribed acute care medications at no cost to members. Members are limited in drugs, quantities and supply in accordance with applicable use. Individual members have a $250/year maximum benefit.

Partner with us to conveniently add prescription savings products to your benefits offerings using GetMoreRx.

  • Associations, non-profits, affinity groups
  • Brokers and consultants support teams
  • Private-labeled solutions
  • Customizable options
  • No Enrollment Periods
  • Competitive pricing
  • Available to employers of any size or industry
  • Individual and group billing and enrollment
  • Immediate access
  • Complete administrative services
  • Individual and group billing and enrollment
  • Speed to market
  • Additions to existing benefits
  • Available to all employee types
    Full-time | Part-time | Seasonal | Contract | Retirees

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